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We live in the past and future as we are living in the present.

We try to live a better life, looking back on our lives.

These attitudes enable us to have the will and shape our future.

Japanese Ryukyu-glass was created through those who stood up against War.

Now they have improved their skills and have strong points as the skills which use the luminas luminous material.

We have focused on the another side of glass as fiber.

We mix some sides of the glass and have expressed the atmosphere

which space-time have mixed, looks like a timetravel freely.

model Nana (friday) / creator Hayato Satou (knitwear designer), Mirei Iwamoto (set-designer for theater), Ryu Tomori (glass), Yasunori Ikeda (glass-Kilnworking) / movie Shota Nakajima / photo Koichi Takagi / lighting Keita Kawahara / hair & make-up Miho Ujiie / designer & organize Lucy Karuizawa / special sponsor Okinawa Ryu-kyu Glass Village, Nitto boseki Co.,Ltd.

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